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Update log #1! New custom home, New wildy bosses & much more!

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Dear Immortal community, we have been working hard on getting Immortal ready for launch, since we have forums now It's only more then normal that we start posting our progress on here as wel. A lot of fixes/updates from a while a go will be added to this post aswel so you have a clear view on everything that we managed to do already.

Changes to Santa
Donation ranks are no longer claimed by rank tokens or upgraded with redeems. Redeems have been renamed to "donator tickets" and donator ranks depend on your total amount donated. When buying items from the webstore (besides donator tickets) your total donated value will go up when claiming your donation. When buying items ingame with donator tickets your total donated value will also go up, meaning you are still able to get donator ranks by buying donator tickets from other players without spending your actual money. You can claim your donator rank by talking to santa. Also 3 new donator ranks have been added.





Price for each rank:

  1. donator ($10)
  2. Super donator ($25)
  3. Extreme donator ($50)
  4. Legendary donator ($100)
  5. L33T donator ($250)
  6. VIP donator ($500)
  7. Demonic donator ($1000)
  8. Immortal donator ($2500+)

Party Pete

Added interface + dialogue to Party Pete with 2 options rather then 1. The first option opens the screen interface, the second option teleports the player using "Party Essence".

The player will need 100 billz bags to teleport into the cosmetics zone.

Custom cosmetics removed from the drop table.

Droprate change on the regular cosmetics and the cosmetic mystery box

Cosmetic mystery box no longer gives regular rares or junk drops

Rare cosmetic mystery box loot has a world announcement now




Dyes and Cleansing scrolls

Added an information page tod the "read" option on the Cleansing scroll.

Fixed the issue with the dyes and cleansing scroll dialogues not closing on use.





New Wildy bosses

4 new bosses have been added to the wilderness. All 4 have been added to the teleport interface and a kill counter has been added.

Zal-bear: Drops BIS hybrid ring

Zul-Khar: Drops BIS melee ring

Astea-Frostweb: Drops BIS mage ring

Scorpio: Drops BIS range ring


New custom home area

We have added a fully custom map for the home area. In the home are we have multiple features, the slayer camp, home bank, shops area a new custom crafting workshop, home bank castle, a cool custom ship for a future update (we have a great custom minigame idea for this). Trees around the home map to train woodcutting, a nice mining spot and the slayer cave with locations for your slayer tasks.




Slayer has been redone and fixed

You can now set a slayer master with the enchanted gem. Tasks fully depend on the slayer master you use. When asking for help with your slayer task it will now tell you the location of the npc you have to slay. You will no longer get tasks that you can't complete on your slayer level.




We also added new possible slayer tasks and new slayer locations to complete those tasks.

Cave of horror for Cave horror slayer task:



Dungeon of life with 6 new slayer tasks to be completed


Poison waste dungeon with 2 new slayer tasks


Killerwatt lair for killerwatt slayer task


3 new custom 99+ slayer npc's:

-Asgardian delos (mage)

-Kandorian delos (melee)

-Phictolian delos (range)

Can be found by using the 99+ slayer portal at the 99+ skilling zone. 107 slayer is required to kill these npc's, each will drop the demonic heirloom upgrade crystal. They also drop a new custom cape + boots in their combat style.



Fixed slayer shop hover text



Collection log

We added a custom collection log interface. This is an upgrade from the old monsterlog that we had. The collection log will track the amount of kills you have done on certain NPC's and also track the loot that you got.



Master forge

The master forge can be found in the crafting workshop at home. This will be used to craft high tier armour and weapons. Crafting these items will come at a certain cost and will require you to have a high crafting level. This made the crafting of custom items that we had a lot more clean and efficient allowing us to remove over 2000 lines of code from the previous method.



Challenge scrolls fix

Challenge scrolls will now show the appropriate interface rather then showing 3 eggs.

All rewards have been redone.

Fixed an error where players couldn't dig at the co-ordinates to get a new clue/casket.

Players will now get one of the 6 digging clues and have to dig at that location on the map.

More custom clue steps will be added in the future.



Fixes & QOL Updates

  • Finishing a (1) dose potion/flask will no longer give an empty vial, instead it will delete the potion/flask on use
  • Receiving a rare drop will now only promt "A demon comes with the gift of a rare loot!" once rather then spamming the chat box
  • Fixed Bounty master dialogue
  • Fixed upgrade manager dialogue
  • Players can now customize Immortal wings (rainbow) while equipped
  • All NPC's are expect for Cerberus are now left-click attackable
  • Fixed all NPC options at shops
  • Fixed billz shop not opening
  • Removed Jad pet from the skilling shop
  • Fixed all NPC options at skilling
  • Removed "mark" option from frost dragons
  • Common drops like AGS and D claws will no longer show up as rare loot messages, the system now runs off the exact item names rather then searching for key words like "armadyl" or "spirit"
  • Automatic lootbanker information now gives the correct message
  • Prestige master chatbox ends when you click "nevermind"
  • Kill counter for Shadow corporeal beast has been fixed
  • Prestige has been fixed, with a total of 10 prestiges to complete. Each prestige will boost your hitpoints and prayer points by 50, on top you will get a 0.10% damage increase in each attack style per prestige. Boosts will be removed when entering wilderness
  • When teleporting to the slayer zone without slayer gem in  your inventory, the gem will be given automatically. This gem allows players to check their task, as well as speak to the slayer master
  • Players now require a Twisted bow rather a Zaryte bow when crafting a hexhunter bow. Twisted bows can be obtained from the boss cave minigame/webstore
  • Item degration charges have changed for multiple weapons
    -Starter whip from 2000 to 750
    -Regular chaotic weapons from 2000 to 1000
    -Lite chaotic weapons from 10000 to 2000
    -Brutal whips from 10000 to 4000
  • Items can now have multiple values in different shops (will show cache value, we are still looking for a fix for this issue.)
  • Donators will now receive extra trivia points when guessing the right answer
  • Items in triva shop have been repriced
  • Fixed mage of zamorak dialogue
  • Fixed getting 2k+ air runes for 1 inventory
  • Leveling up hunter and slayer now gives the correct skilling sprites
  • Nerfed prayer slightly
  • Renamed dungeoneering to pking
  • Telepot interface has been alphabeticly ordered
  • Wildy bosses will now show a little red text on the teleport interface mentioning they are in the wilderness
  • Scorpion meat from Scorpio can now be used to heal 110hp
  • Shield left half model fixed
  • Fixed an issue where doing any gathering skill would not give any items in return
  • Fixed an error where players would not gain xp when thieving from stalls
  • Infernal adze will burn logs automatically, players will gain woodcutting experience and a small amount of firemaking experience per log cut
  • Fixed an issue where non donators could use the ::bank command
  • Added drop tables to npc's that didn't have a drop table yet
  • Green dragons have been added to the lair of horror to give players to opertunity of completing this task out of the wilderness (can be converted to wildy task for better rewards)
  • Removed check-charges option from all nex sets
  • All mystery boxes have been recoded in a cleaner and more efficient way, loots have been reworked and tuned a little to be more fitting with the price
  • Added drop rate to the player panel info so players can now see their physical drop rate boost
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