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Update log #1! New custom home, New wildy bosses & much more!

by Noobs Own - Sun, 31 Jan 2021 17:16:31 +0000

Dear Immortal community, we have been working hard on getting Immortal ready for launch, since we have forums now It's only more then normal that we start posting our progress on here as wel. A lot of fixes/updates from a while a go will be added to this post aswel so you have a clear view on everything that we managed to do already. Changes to Santa Donation ranks are no longer claimed by rank tokens or upgraded with redeems. Redeems have been renamed to "donator tickets" and donator ranks depend on your total amount donated. When buying items from the webstore (besides donator tickets) your total donated value will go up when claiming your donation. When buying items ingame with donator tickets your total donated value will also go up, meaning you are still able to get donator ranks by buying donator tickets from other players without spending your actual money. You can claim your donator rank by talking to santa. Also 3 new donator ranks have been added.     Price for each rank: donator ($10) Super donator ($25) Extreme donator ($50) Legendary donator ($100) L33T donator ($250) VIP donator ($500) Demonic donator ($1000) Immortal donator ($2500+) Party Pete Added interface + dialogue to Party Pete with 2 options rather then 1. The first option opens the screen interface, the second option teleports the player using "Party Essence". The player will need 100 billz bags to teleport ...

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